Pond Services

Does your pond have problems? Contact Koizilla for a free on-site evaluation. We offer cleanout services, repairs, and complete renovations to turn your problem back into your joy again.

In addition, Koizilla offers regular maintenance of your water features at intervals that meet your budget and convenience. Scheduled pond service ensures that you’re providing a healthy evironment for your Koi and that your pond stays beautiful and balanced.

If this is your first Koi pond, it can be confusing as to what to look for. Your expert Koizilla representative can check for the little things that could turn into big problems later. You purchased a water feature for relaxation and a stress-free living space.  Koizilla reduces your stress even further with regular monitoring of your ponds and water gardens, sparing you from the work-load of having to do it yourself. You already work very hard: your home should be designed for quality time with your family and friends, not for slaving over your pond, right?

The most basic pond maintenance begins with monitoring water quality: temperature, carbon dioxide levels, PH and water hardness. In addition, Koizilla monitors nitrogen compounds: ammonia and nitrates. If you have to add to the water levels of your pond with a city water supply, you will need to be concerned with the levels of heavy metals and chlorine. Koizilla provides regular water treatments to keep these concerns at bay.

The health and happiness of your Koi can be monitored as well. Regular service includes examining your Koi for stress and disease, emptying pond skimmer baskets, checking and replacing UV bulbs and winterizing your pond in the Fall. Utilizing Koizilla for your maintenance needs rewards you with the highest level of quality time on your property. Isn’t that why you purchased a Koi pond in the first place?

Pool Services

Your pool is one of your most valuable assets, not to mention a wealth of enjoyment for your family and friends. Regular maintenance is critical for your pool’s prolonged longevity, but who has the time? You’re busy working and tending to your family, so let your friends at Koizilla handle those details for you.

Our expert staff is trained in water chemistry maintenance. We can handle the  chores you don’t have time for:  filter, pump and skimmer cleaning; vacuuming, brushing, power washing and more. We conduct proper and professional inspections of your pool’s structural and mechanical systems, bringing you peace of mind.

In addition to pool liners, pool covers, and pool openings, we can provide weekly or monthly visits, giving you important activity reports so you know we’re doing the best job possible. Whether residential or commercial, you know that your investment is protected.