Outdoor Living Spaces

Landscaping and Landscape Lighting

Quality landscaping creates a serene environment tailored perfectly to your unique personality. Koizilla understands that everyone has different expectations for the look and feel of their landscape. Koizilla will consult with you and design the most aesthetically beautiful spaces for your life. The only limit is your own imagination.

Well executed and maintained landscaping brings more than beauty and increased value to your property. It promotes the health and sustainability of your grass, trees and shrubs: every living thing on your property, elevating the overall enjoyment of your property. You’ll feel more at ease inviting those special guests to your backyard cookouts, relaxing in your favorite deck chair or just playing with the kids.

The soft sculpture of a living landscape is only eclipsed by its lighting elements. The gentle illumination of your property at night creates a peaceful, comfy feeling unlike any other home in your neighborhood. Koizilla is the company to trust when it’s time to decide upon properly constructed and dramatic lighting effects such as recessed lighting, path and area lights, spotlights, flood and well lights and specialty lights such as deck and underwater lamps.

The love you have for outdoor living is equal to the passion Koizilla shares for their attention to detail. No stone is left unturned in the search for the perfect lighting and landscaping solutions for your living area. When you’re ready, the experts are waiting to hear from you.

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Arbors, Pergolas & Gazebos

These absolutely stunning works of art will brighten up any property, becoming one with the other natural resources around you – blending gracefully with your pools, gardens and ponds. The beautiful essence of crafted wooden arbors, pergolas and quaint gazebos provide a subtle, yet solid balance of all of your property’s elements. They are the perfect complement to your other scenic landscape features.

Koizilla understands balance. Our expertise drives us to create the most harmonious experience possible for each home owner. These architectural wonders speak of quality craftsmanship and their intricate, puzzle-like designs make the imagination wander. Or could it be the simple beauty of an understated cut?

Arbors, pergolas and gazebos take us back to a special place: they were always part of very unique and inviting property from our childhood. Today, they bring a sense of distinction and simple sophistication to our landscapes. Pergolas fit into any size and situation: gardens, spas, poolside, deck and patio. They can be as simple or as complex as you wish. Arbors and trellises provide the perfect structure for trailing roses or other plants. Gazebos create an outdoor haven – a shaded garden room where you can relax and drink in the beauty of your outdoor surroundings.

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Fencing and Gates

Elegance comes in many forms: an elm gently blowing in the wind, a Koi fish dancing about in a quiet pond. There is elegance as well in the beautiful wrought iron gates and custom fences that wrap around your one-of-a-kind property, putting the finishing touches on the living spaces you love so much.

Fencing and gates are as unique as our own personalities – the ones we choose have a distinct effect on the way we perceive our property and it’s security. The choices are nearly endless. That’s why it feels good to have Koizilla on your side. We can suggest the perfect solution to your needs keeping in mind your personal sense of elegance and that bold flair for the dramatic.

Fencing defines our property inside and out. Koizilla defines excellence with top-notch custom solutions that take in careful consideration of longevity, resilience, low maintenance and price. A sense of peace is what Koizilla really stands for. You could go anywhere for your gate and fencing solutions – but why would you?

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Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

There’s just something special about cooking and entertaining outdoors. Patio kitchens and bars provide fresh air and good times for all. Inviting friends over to watch the game on your bar’s outdoor monitors, grilling up your favorite delicacies and raising a glass of your cocktails makes for the perfect summer afternoon. Attitudes change for the better after a long day of work or finishing up those chores around the house when a relaxing outdoor grilling party is involved.

Koizilla is the master of transforming your everyday backyard patio into the premier relaxation spot. Durable, high quality materials and expert design features will ensure that your heart will be happy while your property value increases.

Whether it’s being close to the pool on those warmer days and grabbing a burger from the grill or hosting a special event that’s convenient for family and friends to be together, Koizilla knows what’s important to you. When it comes to the very finest in outdoor kitchens and bar areas, they know you deserve the best.

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Walls and Walkways

Often overlooked as just a path to your door, walkways bring a sense of charm to every aspect of your home’s property. Walkways have been an important part of our lives going back for generations – don’t you just love the quaint cottages of Williamsburg and the Colonial era? Brick, stone, aggregate and other natural substances marry the essence of your home’s personality to its already peaceful natural surroundings.

Koizilla’s unique sense of hardscape design creates the perfect “curb appeal” for your home, bringing a bold and dramatic effect into your life. Their design experts will tie elegance and sturdy craftsmanship together to put the finishing touches on a landscaping experience all your own.

At Koizilla, we build our reputation on creating the finest custom project as if it were our own home. We are well known in this area, bringing quality workmanship right to your door…. literally!

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Decks, Patios & Porches

“If you can dream it, we can build it.”

This is the motto that Koizilla lives by.

When it comes to custom built decks, patios and porches, our passion forexcellence will not be stopped. Decks and patios can be an intellegent way for property owners to maintain or even improve their home’s value, while creating a dream-come-true outdoor living space that compliments your home and warms your heart. Decks, patios and porches are the perfect solution for entertaining guests or just to pass the time away in your own personal getaway.

Your home is your haven. You can feel it when you pull up after a long trip or even a long day at work. Koizilla is the solution to all of your needs when it’s time to add those perfect accompaniments that build value and peace of mind. From simple to complex, deck design, planning and construction is a work of art. Koizilla’s professionals are artists when it comes to custom spaces. And they’ll be your best friend when it’s time to make the call.

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Pool Houses and Sunrooms

A pool house of your very own? Of course.

That’s the sign that you’ve made that special commitment to quality right in your own backyard. Combining the beauty of a gazebo, the storage capacity of a shed and the convenience of a cabana, they are the perfect complement to your home and landscape. That’s what makes them so charming and popular! It’s the perfect place to change clothes – keeping wet feet and dripping swim suits out of the house lets your family enjoy the pool without risk of ruining the indoor furniture.

Sunrooms are the perfect solution to your own vacation getaway right in your own home! They are a peaceful and reflective oasis when you need to escape the chaos, even transitioning into a entertaining venue and festive gathering spot when guests arrive. You’ll
love the expertise that Koizilla provides when deciding on the perfect sunroom for your home. Sunrooms provide the convenient and affordable alternative to traditional room additions. With beautiful and healthy sunlight pouring in, can you feel it warming your soul?

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Swimming Pools and Water Effects

Nothing says “charm” or portrays a sense of the dramatic like your own pool. Water is the healthy, nourishing solution for your need to escape. Your own tropical paradise right in your backyard? It’s never been easier to have a sparkling wonderland for your
family to enjoy when Koizilla is a part of your life. Imagine the crystal blue serenity of your own pool to extinguish the heat of a long summer day; to quench your body’s thirst for relaxation. Could life get any better?

Water effects are the perfect accompaniment for your swimming experience. Fun and playful effects are a whimsical, yet soothing whisper of tranquility – mesmerizing and entertaining your family and friends. Koizilla’s passion for the dramatic allows them to
tailor a custom water effect to your taste which blends and enhances your landscaping. No one cares more about your peace of mind than the experts at Koizilla. You’ll know it the minute you share your dream with them…

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Stairways and Railings

Custom stairways and railings create a luxurious accompaniment to your home, and no one does it better than Koizilla. We add just the perfect touch of usability and elegant craftsmanship with attention to the detailed needs of their clients. No two solutions are exactly alike – Koizilla caters to the individual stylings and vision that’s perfect for you. Whether wood or iron, classic or modern, we take the high road of professionalism that gives you peace of mind… and pride in ownership.

Custom railings accent your living space with a flair of the artistic. Gently curving designs grace your home’s unique personality and character. When choosing something as beautiful as a custom railing or staircase, consider the technical details and perfect finishing touches that sets Koizilla apart from the rest. You deserve to have only the very best for your family.

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Pavers and Specialty Surfaces

Koizilla creates beautiful landscapes including pavers for patios, driveways and pathways. Elegance is only a phone call away, your dreamscape awaits you with the Koizilla touch of perfection. Durable specialty surfaces of brick, stone and other high quality innovative materials such as permeable recycled rubber safety surfacing and crushed Italian marble insures that your property retains its investment value and your heart retains its sense of peace.

Can you trust just any company to work on your largest investment? We guess you could. But why settle for just getting the job done when Koizilla builds dreams? We invite you to bring in a photograph of your property and watch our experts at Koizilla transform what you’ve always wished could be, into a practical and affordable solution.

This is your time. You’ve decided to take that next step and create a sense of wonder unlike any other. No one pieces the entire dream together better than Koizilla. Wrap your heart around the beauty of your own paradise, right in your own backyard.

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Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Fuel your imagination with your very own gas fire pit or fireplace right in your backyard – warming your family’s hearts on those cool seasonal evenings. Koizilla has a flair for the dramatic with high-quality fireplaces custom designed for your unique situation. Fire has a life of its own: a living, breathing part of nature just as beautiful as the trees, shrubs and gardens of your property.

Imagine your friends and family gathered around a beautiful custom fire pit laughing and telling stories, or just you and your partner snuggled up together enjoying a romantic moment of peace – a soft orange glow dancing beneath the canopy of the tall trees. If you never thought you could have your own fire pit or simply believed you didn’t have the room or convenience, invite Koizilla to show you
just how beautiful your property could be.

Koizilla-designed fireplaces and custom fire pits are artistically created just for your enjoyment and are superior in every way. Their craftsmanship is the standard by which you can judge the rest.

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Koi Ponds & Water Features


Water is life. The origin of life which shapes the earth, giving it beauty through its geology, topography, flora and fauna. Water has a duality – soft and yielding, flowing; yet powerful and steadfast, much like our own lives. That is why we gravitate towards it. Water is the most critical element for all living things on our planet, creating a peaceful and inspirational feeling within us.

Koizilla Monster Ponds designs and installs beautiful and reliable water features, waterfalls and waterscapes to enhance the value of your property and your life. State-of-the-art equipment and electronic systems promote the finest artistic quality of real flowing water, bringing art, inspiration and drama to our daily lives. Your everyday environment is rarely your own: fighting traffic, dealing with customers and clients, desperately searching for a sense of balance. Shouldn’t your home be a haven of of peace? A celebration of relaxation and health?

Koizilla’s dedication to this awe-inspiring beauty is reflected in our timeless designs and attention to detail. We consult with each client personally to ensure that your lifestyle is represented in the design of your water features. Time is your most valuable asset, and Koizilla guarantees that the time you spend at home will be of the highest quality. The sounds of the babbling brook, the subtle movement of cascading water takes you away into a world of exhilaration, your own piece of Heaven right in your own backyard.

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Custom Koi Ponds

You see them when you visit beautiful botanical gardens and theme parks: a crystal-clear pond teaming with brilliantly-colored large fish swimming elegantly among each other. You throw in some food pellets and become instantly mesmerized by the feeding frenzy, imagining what it would be like to have one of these ponds for yourself. You have just fallen in love with the Koi.

Koi ponds are the key to a beautiful outdoor custom architecture for your natural landscape. Koi ponds bring tranquility to your soul and increased investment value to your home. Koizilla Monster Ponds is the premier expert in installing and maintaining these gorgeous ponds in the Tidewater area. Peace of mind is what you will get with Koizilla on your side. Our cutting edge technology coupled with our passion for Koi, insures that you will have only the best for your landscaping needs.

Koizilla specializes in proper Koi pond design and filtration systems that focus on the health and happiness of the Koi in a beautiful, aesthetic environment that is easy to maintain. Ponds are first and foremost in Koizilla’s expertise, helping to insure a long and healthy life for these magnificent fish while bringing clients’ visions to reality. A healthy environment for your fish and the style you love – whether it is natural, formal, tropical, oriental, or Polynesian – Koizilla can create the pond scape of your dreams.

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Water Features

At KOIZILLA Monster Ponds, our business is to consult, design, build and maintain beautiful and reliable custom koi ponds, water gardens, and other water features for our clients and customers. We specialize in unique aquatic highlights and waterscape architecture, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and electronics systems. Creative and timeless designs, innovative engineering, quality workmanship, and attention to detail are our hallmark. Koizilla’s systems have been commercially engineered for continuous duty and reliable performance. We will work with you directly, through all phases of development and construction to ensure a timely, professional installation. We stay with each and every project from initial consultation to final completion – and beyond.

Water features bring drama, beauty, and art into your environment and are exciting and memorable to everyone, as well as adding investment value to your property. We can bring the art of water to you through many mediums – custom koi ponds, water gardens, waterfalls, streams, water features, and fountains.

Have you ever wondered why you get that special, inspiring feeling when you are around bodies of water? Water is powerful, beautiful, inspirational and dramatic. Water is the most critical substance for every living thing on our planet. Whether through recreation, relaxation, health or healing, water is a vital substance in our lives and contributes to a more enjoyable lifestyle.

With water as the most obvious representation of our unique natural world, we find it fitting to promote the artistic quality of real flowing water, to capture a piece of its magnificence and awe, and to celebrate its vital role in our personal lives.

The focus of our team’s work is to bring a joyous, enthusiastic and peaceful spirit to those individual situations – the communities, the people who live there and to those visitors who will come, thereby creating opportunities to experience greater joy and well-being.

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