About Us

Stuart Chesson, President – “King Koi”

Stuart is the founder of Koizilla Monster Ponds and has been an avid aquarist and tropical fish hobbyist since the age of 9 years. He has over 40 years’ experience keeping and raising fish from all over the world and over 20 years’ experience keeping koi and koi ponds and designing and building water features. He has a degree in biology and has also earned his Certification in Koi Health Management from the University Of Georgia School Of Veterinary Medicine. He is affiliated with the University Of Georgia School Of Veterinary Medicine Extended Education, Dr. Eric Johnson and Vicki Vaughn, both recognized nationally as experts in the field of koi health care and management, and serves as a member on the Koi Health Advisory Council.  He is also a member of the Mid-Atlantic Koi Club.

While he especially enjoys working with water engineering and the aquatic environment, Stuart is also a licensed contractor who utilizes his superior management abilities and artistic vision in the creation of custom outdoor living spaces. He strives to keep informed and educated on new techniques in the outdoor design industry and cutting-edge environmentally-friendly technology. He specializes in consulting with clients, envisioning a feature suited to their needs, and then constructing it to aesthetic perfection.


Mike Prince, Project Manager – “Prince Koi”

With over 20 years’ experience in the landscaping business, Mike is Koizilla’s key man in the field. He oversees our daily project operations and heads up Koizilla’s service and maintenance division. Knowledgeable and personable, he maintains excellent customer relationships, communicating closely with customers on what they want, scheduling, and implementation of projects.


Carolyn Chesson, Marketing Manager – “Koigurl”

With over 20 years’ experience in the marketing and advertising field, “Mrs. Koizilla” manages Koizilla’s promotions, online presence, and social media. She writes our blog, “Koigurl’s Koirral” and loves bringing a fresh perspective to all that we do.