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Alanton, Virginia Beach VA

This project involved the construction of a 25,000 gal koi pond and a smaller garden pond for frogs, goldfish, and turtle. The two ponds are separated by a curving paver walkway. In addition, a small shed was constructed to house the pond equipment.

Church Point, Virginia Beach  VA

Renovation of overgrown garden pond.

Gardenwood Park,  Virginia Beach VA

Replaced an unsightly pond structure with a xxx gal heart-shaped koi pond and large waterfall.

Hickory Station, Chesapeake VA

Koi pond renovation with rebuilt waterfall, new efficient equipment, and landscaping.

Lafayette River, Norfolk VA

This project involved installation of a trough which ran the length of the stone terrace and included an equipment locker incorporated into the end of the terrace. It was designed and engineered for koi.

ODU Alumni Center, Norfolk VA

Installation of gazing pool with equipment locker and landscaping.