TOBA Fountains

Designed for residential pools, the Toba Magic Fountain’s Legend Fountain is the ONLY self-contained remote controlled fountain on the market. Place the fountain in the pool using a customized dolly and operate the long range RF remote control. No installation is required-simply place it in the water and actuate the fountain and lights at the touch of a button. The Legend Fountain can be set to different spray heights and has an adjustable shut off timer.

Unlike traditional fountains for pools that require you to invest in permanent installation or have them attached to the filtration system, the Legend Fountain gives pool owners options! Each fountain comes standard with four different fountain heads, lighting effects, long range RF remote control, automatic timer and automatic effect changes! With the different fountain heads, you can create a variety of spray patterns and sound effects. Enjoy over 150 light and water displays!* The Legend Fountain can accommodate all owners by offering them the opportunity to control the spray heights. Set the fountain for a high energy experience or relax listening to a gentle whisper. In the evening, enjoy the standard equipped lighting effects. View any of the four different light colors…or adjust the remote control to automatic and watch the lighting effects and spray patterns change automatically.

Remember, all of these options can be created while sitting INSIDE your home using the long range RF remote control!


*150 patterns can be created with the accessories packages. The unit comes equipped with 20 light and water display patterns built in.