Koi Ponds & Water Features


Water is life. The origin of life which shapes the earth, giving it beauty through its geology, topography, flora and fauna. Water has a duality – soft and yielding, flowing; yet powerful and steadfast, much like our own lives. That is why we gravitate towards it. Water is the most critical element for all living things on our planet, creating a peaceful and inspirational feeling within us.

Koizilla Monster Ponds designs and installs beautiful and reliable water features, waterfalls and waterscapes to enhance the value of your property and your life. State-of-the-art equipment and electronic systems promote the finest artistic quality of real flowing water, bringing art, inspiration and drama to our daily lives. Your everyday environment is rarely your own: fighting traffic, dealing with customers and clients, desperately searching for a sense of balance. Shouldn’t your home be a haven of of peace? A celebration of relaxation and health?

Koizilla’s dedication to this awe-inspiring beauty is reflected in our timeless designs and attention to detail. We consult with each client personally to ensure that your lifestyle is represented in the design of your water features. Time is your most valuable asset, and Koizilla guarantees that the time you spend at home will be of the highest quality. The sounds of the babbling brook, the subtle movement of cascading water takes you away into a world of exhilaration, your own piece of Heaven right in your own backyard.

Custom Koi Ponds

You see them when you visit beautiful botanical gardens and theme parks: a crystal-clear pond teaming with brilliantly-colored large fish swimming elegantly among each other. You throw in some food pellets and become instantly mesmerized by the feeding frenzy, imagining what it would be like to have one of these ponds for yourself. You have just fallen in love with the Koi.

Koi ponds are the key to a beautiful outdoor custom architecture for your natural landscape. Koi ponds bring tranquility to your soul and increased investment value to your home. Koizilla Monster Ponds is the premier expert in installing and maintaining these gorgeous ponds in the Tidewater area. Peace of mind is what you will get with Koizilla on your side. Our cutting edge technology coupled with our passion for Koi, insures that you will have only the best for your landscaping needs.

Koizilla specializes in proper Koi pond design and filtration systems that focus on the health and happiness of the Koi in a beautiful, aesthetic environment that is easy to maintain. Ponds are first and foremost in Koizilla’s expertise, helping to insure a long and healthy life for these magnificent fish while bringing clients’ visions to reality. A healthy environment  for your fish and the style you love – whether it is natural, formal, tropical, oriental, or Polynesian – Koizilla can create the pond scape of your dreams.

Water Features

At KOIZILLA Monster Ponds, our business is to consult, design, build and maintain beautiful and reliable custom koi ponds, water gardens, and other water features for our clients and customers. We specialize in unique aquatic highlights and waterscape architecture, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and electronics systems. Creative and timeless designs, innovative engineering, quality workmanship, and attention to detail are our hallmark. Koizilla’s systems have been commercially engineered for continuous duty and reliable performance. We will work with you directly, through all phases of development and construction to ensure a timely, professional installation. We stay with each and every project from initial consultation to final completion – and beyond.

Water features bring drama, beauty, and art into your environment and are exciting and memorable to everyone, as well as adding investment value to your property. We can bring the art of water to you through many mediums – custom koi ponds, water gardens, waterfalls, streams, water features, and fountains.

Have you ever wondered why you get that special, inspiring feeling when you are around bodies of water? Water is powerful, beautiful, inspirational and dramatic. Water is the most critical substance for every living thing on our planet. Whether through recreation, relaxation, health or healing, water is a vital substance in our lives and contributes to a more enjoyable lifestyle.

With water as the most obvious representation of our unique natural world, we find it fitting to promote the artistic quality of real flowing water, to capture a piece of its magnificence and awe, and to celebrate its vital role in our personal lives.

The focus of our team’s work is to bring a joyous, enthusiastic and peaceful spirit to those individual situations – the communities, the people who live there and to those visitors who will come, thereby creating opportunities to experience greater joy and well-being.